Welcome to 5LK OzoneClinic.
Medical Ozone treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

A series of Clinical Cases can be viewed with the links below. From infections with MRSA, nail-bed infections, fungal infections in the mouth, to STD's, diabetic ulcers and Surfers Ear - all can be safely treated with ozone. And without anti-biotics that in most cases are ineffective.

Viral infections such as Herpes, warts, and HIV can be treated with ozone and ozone-treated plant extracts.

These products are made by GreyCell Enterprises in South Africa. Ozone can be incorporated into soaps, lip-gels,face creams and capsules
The Clinical Case Presentations can be found on GreyCell Enterprises
At 5LK OzoneClinic, we offer;

Bagging, Cupping & Funneling for pain, infection and wound healing.

Ear insufflation to treat Ear, Nose & Throat infections, Surfer's Ear, certain dental infections.
Sub-Dermal Ozone to treat Viral Infections, Warts, Skin Scaring, Skin Rejuvenation, promote Ulcer Healing and promote deep tissue repair.

Direct Ozone 'GasWash' to treat infection, ease pain and for prevention

Oral Ozone for Decay Prevention & Routine Health

Ozone Oils, Soaps & Skin Creams for Infections and Health

Advice and Products for Health