5LK is owned and run by Dr Julian Holmes. 5LK offers Medical ozone treatments, ozone products and full instructions for your care and wellbeing. at 5LK, we treat warts, ear infections, surfer's ear, herpes and much more.

Julian has been involved in ozone research, clinical treatment and product development for over 20 years. He has lectured and presented research around the world on the use of ozone in health care.

Julian is one of the Founder Members and Past-President of the International Association for Ozone in HealthCare (IAOH). He is a member of the Scientific Committe of the Ozone Association of South Africa (OASA), South African Academy of Integrative Medicine (SAAIM), South African Natural Healers Association (SANHA).

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Welcome to 5LK OzoneClinic.
Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen. It is a very unstable gas. Ozone has a number of uses in our lives, from protecting us from UV Radiation (the Ozone layer) to its use as a way to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungii that antibiotics cannot. In many clinical cases, limbs have been saved from unnecessary amputation and lives saved.

You can see some of these cases in our Clinical Case Section